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Jobs & Networking

Finding Careers

Whether you want to begin your career search by applicable major, a growing field, or personal interest, there are a number of resources available to help you get started.

Careers for Psychology Majors

Many of the jobs listed are in the mental health sector, but there are also plenty of jobs open to psychology majors in fields like research, marketing, HR, law and justice, and teaching.

New and Emerging Careers

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Career Assessment Tools

Career Center Homepage

Career Assessment Tools: links to a few career aptitude and personality tests from the career center

Job Search Resources


The skill of networking--whether meeting someone to learn more about their work or maintaining an engaging conversation with a recruiter--is essential to both landing a job and moving ahead in an organization. 

Don't forget to make a LinkedIn Profile, and take a look at their recommendations!

Networking with Recruiters

One of the standard first steps toward getting an interview or job on campus is to participate in a career fair. The Career Center and the Psychology Department offer yearly career and research connection fairs where you will meet representatives from companies and research labs looking to hire students.

Job Search Materials

Career Fairs
  • Psychology Career Fair, Monday 10/10/16 from 1-3:30 in East Hall Psychology Atrium. Want to explore what you can do with a Psych degree? Meet alumni, graduate programs, and employers. 
  • Psychology Research Connections Fair, late March 2017 in East Hall Psychology Atrium - date/time TBD

Learn more about current research done in the Psych Department, inquire about research opportunities and connect with faculty. This open house event will allow students to personally interact with faculty and grad students to learn more about the Psychology Department.

Here, you will speak with recruiters and representatives about the programs, internships, and jobs they are offering.  

Following up after career fair/interview:

Networking Using Social Media and UM Communities