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Placement Record

We are very proud of our recent graduates, and the career opportunities they have found after completing our PhD program.  Listed below are the last five years of graduate placements.  

2016 PhDs

Jean Clipperton
LaGina Gause
Harvard (post-doc); UCSD
Jeremy Gelman
University of Neveda-Reno; APSA Congressional Fellowship (post-doc)
Bai Linh Hoang
University of Texas - Arlington
Mi Hwa Hong
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs (post-doc)
Kristyn Karl
Stevens Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Mann
Brookings Institution
Cali Mortenson Ellis
University of Southern California, Center for International Studies (postdoc); Evergreen State College
Nico Ravanilla
Stanford (post-doc), UCSD School of Global Policy & Strategy (tenure-track AP)
Adrian Shin
University of Colorado at Boulder
Bonnie Washick
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (post-doc)

2015 PhDs 

Richard Anderson
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Carolyn Barnes
Duke University
Timm Betz
Texas A&M University
David Cottrell
Dartmouth College, Program in Quantitative Social Science (post-doc)
Eli Feiman
U.S Department of State
Cassandra Grafstrom
Boston Consulting Group
Erin McGovern
McKinsey & Company
Srinivas (Chinnu) Parinandi
University of Colorado, Boulder
Amy Pond
Texas A&M University
Molly Reynolds
Brookings Institution
Ali Sanaei
UC-Berkeley (post-doc)
Matthew Wells
Wabash College

2014 PhDs

Vincent Arel-Bundock
Université de Montréal
Katharine Bradley
Mathematica Policy Research
Ashley Jardina
Duke University
Kerri Nicoll
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Davin Phoenix
UC Irvine
Damien Picariello
Elizabethtown Community & Technical College
Spencer Piston
Syracuse University
Rachel Potter
University of Virginia
Tim Ryan
UNC Chapel Hill
Jessica Steinberg
Indiana University
Christopher Sullivan
Louisiana State University
Alex Von Hagen-Jamar
NYU Shanghai

2013 PhDs

Brooke Thomas Allen
Macomb Community College
LaFleur Stephens
Princeton University
Huong Trieu
Health Policy Commission
Gary Uzonyi
University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Keith Veal
Rhodes College
Michael Zilis
DePaul University

2012 PhDs

Carolina de Miguel-Moyer
University of Toronto
Eleanor Gao
University of Exeter
Andrea Jones-Rooy
NYU Shanghai
Nathan Kalmoe
George Washington University (post-doc), Monmouth College
Nam Kyu Kim
University of Nebraska
Su-Hyun Lee
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
William Macmillan
Washington University (post-doc)
Neill Mohammad
Huron Consulting Group
Michael Robbins
Pew Research Center
Kharis Templeman
Stanford University
Kathleen Tipler
Kenyon College (post-doc)