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Introductory Labs

Introductory Physics Lab Information (136/141/161/236/241) - A round-the-clock educational resource for students taking the physics courses

Department of Physics Waitlist Policy
For multi-sectioned Intro-Labs (Physics 136/236, Physics 141/241): overrides will be managed by the Student Services Office. To add yourself to the waitlist, please bring a current copy of your class schedule to 1440 Randall Lab or send 3-4 lab sections that work with your schedule to All efforts will be made to enroll you in a course that fits with your current schedule that day. If the Office is unable to enroll you in a laboratory, all available sections that fit with your schedule will be noted, and you will be contacted by email once a seat opens up.

Please contact the Student Services Office, 1440 Randall Lab, with questions or concerns.

Drop/Add Policy for Physics Labs

Students are required to attend the first day of lab class. Any student that does not attend the first day of lab will be dropped in order to make room for waitlisted students. If you have any questions, please contact