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Photo By: Robert Elmouchi

The Michigan Channel on YouTube

See past Saturday Morning Physics talks whenever you desire. You may view Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) presentations on the new Michigan Channel YouTube.


Please click here to view a selection of past Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) presentations on your computer from the CARMA website.

Community Television Network (CTN)

Past Saturday Morning Physics talks are now telecast on the city of Ann Arbor Community Television Network (CTN), EduTV channel 18.

View or download CTN Program Schedules.

Sundays               12:00 PM

Tuesdays              11:00 PM

Fridays                  6:00 PM

Saturdays             7:00 AM


CTN Broadcast Schedule from Week of March 6 - Week of April 24, 2016

CTN Broadcast Date Lecture Title Presenters Original Episode Date
Week of
Sept 25
Solar Powering Your House or Saving the World One Electron at a Time Stephen Forrest October 27, 2012
Week of
October 2
Volcanoes and Precious Metal Deposits Adam Simon November 3, 2012
Week of
October 9
The Sun as a Star Alicia Aarnio November 10, 2012
Week of
October 16
Gravitational Lensing: Nature’s Largest Telescopes Keren Sharon December 1, 2012
Week of
October 23
The Physics of Halloween Timothy Chupp & Gregory Tarle October 31, 2015
Week of
October 30
Cosmic Rhapsody: From the Echo of the Big Bang to the Orchestration of the Universe Heidi Wu December 8, 2012
Week of
November 6
BRAVO!: A Cultural Crossroads of Physics and the Performing Arts Scott Pfeiffer February 2, 2013
Week of
November 13
Metals with Memory: How These Amazing Materials Remember Their Shape Samantha Daly February 9, 2013
Week of
November 20
Entropy: Quantifying What We Don’t Know Cindy Keeler February16, 2013
Week of
November 27
Into the Future with Plasma Rocketry: The Intriguing World of Electric Propulsion John E. Foster March 9, 2013
Week of
December 4
Exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover Nilton Reno March 16, 2013
Week of
December 11
Peering Into the Proton Christine Aidala March 23, 2013
Week of
December 18
The Dark Matter Hunter’s Guide to the Universe Katherine Zurek April 6, 2013
Week of
December 25
Capillarity Robert Deegan April 13, 2013
Week of
January 1
The Coolest Place in the Universe: Cooling and Trapping Atoms with Lasers Dr. Paul Haljan October 16, 2004

**If anyone would like to request replays they may do so by calling CTN directly at 734.794.6150.**