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<b>HET Brown Bag Seminar</b><br>Weak Scale Leptogenesis, R-Symmetry, and a Displaced Higgs<br><b>Speaker: Keith Rehermann (MIT)</b>

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
12:00 AM
3481 Randall (Oskar Klein Conference Room)

Speaker: Keith Rehermann (MIT)

This talk will present a supersymmetric model of leptogenesis in which the right-handed neutrinos have weak scale masses and decay to displaced Higgs. The model employs an R-symmetry at the weak scale that plays a crucial role in generating a sufficient asymmetry while simultaneously forcing neutrino masses to be proportional to the gravitino mass. I will introduce the basic aspects of leptogenesis, emphasize how the R-symmetry allows leptogenesis to be part of new weak scale dynamics, and illustrate how the model may be observed at the LHC.