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<b>HET Brown Bag Seminar</b><br>Holography for Inflationary Cosmology<br><b>Speaker: Paul McFadden (Perimeter)</b></br>

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
12:00 AM
3481 Randall (Oskar Klein Conference Room)

Speaker: Paul McFadden (Perimeter)

We present a holographic framework for cosmology enabling four-dimensional inflationary universes to be described in terms of three-dimensional dual quantum field theories. Cosmological observables, such as the primordial power spectra and non-Gaussianities, are related to correlation functions of the dual QFT through specific holographic formulae. Through perturbative calculations for a simple class of dual QFTs, we compute holographically the observational signatures of a universe emerging from a non-geometric phase in which the gravitational description in strongly coupled at early times.