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Calls for Papers

This page is updated as the department receives notices. December through March is the usual time for announcements.

Anamnesis: The Colorado College Journal of  Philosopohy                                             

Anamnesis is a student-run journal publishing essays in philosophy from colleges nation-wide. This journal seeks to provide undergraduates the opportunity to share academic work with a larger readership, as well as engender thoughtful discussion on philosophical topics. Students across disciplines are encouraged to submit, so long as their essays deal with philosophical issues. Our staff recognizes the value of feedback to the writing process, and feels that Anamnesis may serve as a space where students can analyze and respond to each other's work. All those interested in contributing an essay can refer to the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines:

Format: 12 point Times New Roman font, 4000 word maximum for the paper. There is no minimum word count. Papers should not include your name or other identifying information. Please provide your paper title, name, email, and major in a separate attachment.

Citation Format: Either MLA or Chicago Citation Style are acceptable.

Deadline: All papers must be submitted via email to no later than February 1st, 2016.

Originality: Only original work will be accepted. Do not submit already published     material. If you plan on submitting your paper to publications other than The Colorado College Journal of Philosophy, keep us informed about its publication status.