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Discussion Groups


Mondays, 1 - 2:30 p.m.,

1088 Ruthven Museums

EEB 800 seminar

Contacts: Catherine Badgley and Miriam Zelditch

We will discuss ecological and evolutionary processes and geographic patterns of diversity. The format will be discussion of papers from the current literature and the framing of studies that integrate species diversity, functional traits and phylogenetic diversity.


Mondays, 4p.m.,

1532 Ruthven Museum
(aka Paleo classroom)


Morphometrics Discussion

Contact: Miriam Zelditch

The morphometrics seminar will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of shape analysis, focusing on methods for adapting conventional multivariate statistical methods to the distinctive data and shape. As well as introducing standard visualization methods (e.g., principal components analysis and partial least squares analysis) and analytic methods (general linear models and phylogenetic generalized least squares) we will also discuss more specialized methods such as techniques for fitting macroevolutionary models to multivariate data, methods for analyzing modularity and the evolution of covariance matrices, according to the interests of participants. Familiarity with R is helpful but not necessary.