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Current OS Pathways

Arts and Entertainment Organizations

Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations


Class of 2018

Ian Bunting: Creative Entrepreneurship

Human Capital, Leadership, & Management

Class of 2017

Jillian Apel: Positive Management of Human Capital

Vivian Chiang: Understanding People: Organizational Management and Marketing

Gabrielle Dompierre: Enhancing Organizational Efficiency Through Human Capital Management

Jesse Dorbian: Effective Management Procedures Required in order to Influence Human Capital in Organizations

Shira Guedalia: Organizational Development in Business Environments

Carmen Huang: Maximizing Value Creation Inside and Outside Organization Through Strategic Human Capital Management

Brandon Joseff: Utilization of Culture, Motivation and Employee Engagement to Maximize Output and Efficiency

Julia Kaner: Organizational Management through Collaboration and Leadership

Zachary Miller: Optimizing Innovation and Cohesiveness through Effective Management of Human Capital

Madeline Parkinson: Optimizing Individual and Organizational Achievement and Effectiveness Through Organizational Psychology

Meline Quigley: Human Capital Management: Leadership, Strategy, and Positive Change

Class of 2018

Alex Coletta: Human Capital Management in Environmental Business Strategy

Austin Hatch: Pre-Management Pathway

David Brystowski: Human Capital and Positive Organizational Managment

Emily Hogan: Leveraging Leadership, Culture, and Human Resources to Maximize Organizational Effectiveness and Performance

Jon Rubenstein: Leadership and Organizational Culture

Julie Furton: Expanding an Organizations Potential through Effective and Innovative Human Capital Management

Lauren Reshef: Increasing Employee Engagement and Managing Human Capital Through Positive Business Practices and Leadership

Meher Sabri: Organizational Management of Human Capital

Nell Shuldiner: Organization and Management in the Sport Business Industry

Nicole McAlvanah: Managing Human Capital through Positive Psychological Practices

Rachel Shuster: Sustaining Organizations through Successful Leadership and Management

Sakinah Echols: Improving Human Capital & Leadership through Effective Management and Communication

Sarah Birkbeck: Strategic Human Capital Management

Spencer Bartok: Achieving Organizational Success through Adaptive Human Capital Management Strategies

Yuka Naya: Optimizing Organizational Effectiveness Through Human Capital Management and Business Communication