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Study Abroad and Internships

Students who have studied, worked, and lived abroad receive a unique educational experience. There is much more to studying abroad than just taking classes in a foreign country. An experience abroad can open doors to new opportunities, new friends, and new career paths. And, it will give you a global perspective and cross-cultural competence which are crucial for success in today’s world.

Think you can't afford it?  There are many resources both at the University of Michigan and at outside foundations to help you make studying or working abroad a possibility.

Study Abroad FAQ's

I want to study abroad! Where do I start?
The best place to start is the Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS) which is located in G155 Angell Hall. Their First Step sessions held every Monday through Friday from 5-5:30pm (fall and winter terms) are a great way to get basic questions answered.  

Do study abroad credits transfer automatically?
It depends on which program you have chosen. If it is a UM-affiliated program—one that CGIS lists as being approved—then the credits usually do transfer automatically. Always double-check this with CGIS, though. Otherwise, students should speak to their general advisor about the transfer credit process for study abroad course work. Are you an LS&A student? Then check out the LS&A Transfer Credit page to help answer any preliminary questions you might have.

Do I go through NES to transfer my credits from study abroad?
No. NES does not play a role in the transfer credit process unless the offices that are in charge ask us to help evaluate a course’s content. Students should plan to talk to their general advisors about transferring credits and the paperwork involved.

Study Abroad Resources

Internship Resources

The LSA Internship office is a valuable resource for students looking to find internships and secure funding. The College of LSA provides resources to UM sponsored internships, experiential learning opportunities, and international internships. Students who are looking for financial support can apply for need-based scholarships. Please check here to determine eligibility.

The Career Center is another great resource for LSA students looking to explore internship opportunities. Their website offers information on internship openings, job fairs and events, and The Public Service Intern Program. For students who are unsure about where to begin, the Career Center offers tools on how to start your research. Check out these tips on how to begin. The Center is also available for in-person appointments for career advising and counseling. Current students may call the Information Desk at (734) 764-7460.