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The NCID supports diversity scholars to establish meaningful collaborations.


The NCID is committed to provide members of our Network with holistic support to advance their work in a variety of ways. As part of the Network, scholars receive exclusive access to resources and opportunities and support to advance their research agendas.


Research Collaborations


Members of our Diversity Scholars Network were key contributors to the publication of "Transforming Understandings of Diversity in Higher Education," a series of essays that discussed how we use "diversity" in higher education and how that usage has (and continues to) change with new efforts and demands.

This research collaboration marked an opportunity to bring together junior and senior faculty from across the nation to develop a comprehensive monograph that bridged faculty's individual interests into a cohered analysis of diversity in higher education. The NCID hopes to continue to expand our own coordination of similar efforts in the future, as well as lay out opportunities and continue building our network's engagement so that scholars can use the Diversity Scholars Network to collaborate on their own projects.



Resources and Opportunities


Monthly newsletter updates inform the Network on tools and resources to advance diversity-related scholarship. Through these updates we disseminate the work of scholars, introduce opportunities and maintain engagement with NCID and the Network. 

In Spring of 2016, the NCID brought together members of the Diversity Scholars Network to discuss the "Future of Diversity Research". During this convening, scholars presented their own methods, successes, and challenges for conducting diversity research, while senior faculty, administrators, and policy experts shared strategies and tools to maximize the impact of diversity research.



The NCID continues to seek opportunities for the Diversity Scholars Network by continuing to disseminate resources and opportunities for development, expanding our own offerings, and by supporting the network's engagement for future collaborations.