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Diversity Scholars Network


The Diversity Scholars Network fosters an interdisciplinary multi-institutional community of scholars to strengthen research and scholarship about diversity, equity and inclusion and address issues in education and society. Members of the Network are identified for their commitment and contribution to diversity research and scholarship. The National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) supports and connects the shared knowledge by providing opportunities for research and dissemination across the academy and beyond.

The purpose of the Network is to:

  • Build community for information sharing and collaboration
  • Support production of cutting-edge research
  • Facilitate translation of scholarship to practice
  • Promote and disseminate scholarship
  • Support career success and advancement in the academy


A primary goal of the Network is to share information and resources that enable members to develop high quality scholarship and apply their scholarship in innovative and effective ways. As such, we provide opportunities for members to develop productive relationships and collaborations with others across your campus and around the nation.

This Network acts as a scholarly support system with mentorship opportunities, collective advancement in the academy, and collaborative interactions to create social change. Members receive exclusive access to resources meant to build their own awareness and abilities in the areas of diversity research and scholarship. Additionally, members can expect to receive support on research production and opportunities to translate their research to practice. Each member is included in the Scholars Directory and their work is featured throughout the NCID website, social media platforms, and newsletters.

Beyond virtual engagement, members are invited to attend Network convenings at the University of Michigan and receive priority invitation at special events. Once a member, scholars also benefit from the work of NCID through activities such as participating in events, writing reports or blog posts, and accessing resources.  

Making Research Work

In May 2016, as part of the first national convening of the Diversity Scholars Network, The Future of Diversity Research, we held a speaker series on the topic of "Making Research Work." The series focused on various "next steps" of scholarship available to academics and practitioners: how do we translate our scholarship to publishable pieces (in multiple formats); how do we convert that work to practice — making it accessible and useful for policy, public scholarship, etc.; how do we translate and market our work for a wide range of public audiences; and how do we make use of new technology to reach wider audiences and take advantage of multiple media formats?


Questions about the Diversity Scholars Network can be directed to Laura Sánchez-Parkinson at