Congratulations, and welcome to MCSP! All the staff members and student leaders in the MCSP community are thrilled that you will be joining the program. You are about to embark on a year full of learning, service, and fun! From understanding more about diversity and social justice, to going out and about in the community to give back, your first year here in MCSP will be immensely rewarding. To make sure you successfully transition into college, here are some things to remember. 

At Orientation, be sure to register for MCSP Courses.

In order to fulfill your program requirements, all MCSP students must satisfy the course requirements. In the Fall semester, you will need to take ALA 102, both the lecture and discussion sections. Be sure to backpack and register this 1-credit course into your schedule! Additionally, you will register for a course that satisfies the MCSP Seminar or Civic Engagement requirements. You can complete either the Civic Engagement or Seminar requirement in the fall, and then complete the other in the winter. Check out the MCSP Course Guide for a list of eligible courses. Your Academic Advisor and the MCSP staff can help you select courses for your fall schedule. 

Meet MCSP during Orientation. 

Michigan Learning Communities will have presentations for incoming students during orientation dates to help them get acquainted with their programs more. All incoming MCSPers should have a scheduled time in their orientation program to attend an MCSP informational presentation and have all their questions answered. Additionally, feel free to stop on by the office in West Quad to say hi! 

Your Housing Assignment is coming.

All MCSP students are housed in West Quad, and are paired randomly with a roommate. Roommate assignments will be sent out sometime during the summer if you have not already received them. We strongly encourage you to reach out to your roommate before school starts! You will get move-in and MCSP orientation information in August. 

Become acquainted with MCSP opportunities and expectations. 

MCSP students are expected to complete the program requirements, in addition to the academic courses referenced above. MCSP includes involvement inside and outside the classroom. It is a learning community, where many opportunities and activities are offered to help you make the most out of the program. From service projects and clubs, to student initiatives within the MCSP community, there are numerous ways to get involved as a Michigan Community Scholar. Check out the Getting Involved page for more information!

Connect. Reach out. Get excited. 

Connect with MCSP through our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Bookmark the MCSP website for the latest news and updates. Reach out if you have any questions about course/program requirements, college transition, campus life, etc.--contact the MCSP office by calling 734.647.4860 or emailing You will be receiving more information from staff later in the summer, including move-in and MCSP orientation details. Once you arrive on campus, move into West Quad, meet your Peer Mentor and other MCSPers... you will be officially welcomed into the MCSPhamily! We are so glad you are here, and can't wait for an amazing year!