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Student Life Committee


The goal of the Student Life Committee is to enhance the non-academic experience of students within the College of LSA. SLC utilizes Diag Day events and collaboration with LSA clubs and organizations in order to gauge constituent concerns on campus and to work towards opening opportunities to all students. SLC aims to give Michigan students the tools and knowledge to utilize all of the resources available at our wonderful school. We conduct information campaigns and provide free materials to help students deal with the rigorous responsibilities of attending a top-notch university.

Current Projects

This semester, SLC is working on many useful projects to improve the quality of campus life for students:

  • This Sucks: The This Sucks Campaign aims to discover a wide array of student concerns on campus ranging from wireless shortages, facilities, campus safety, etc. If you have a concern that you would like addressed, please send it to
  • International Mentorship Program: this is a social mentorship program, aimed at helping international students to assimilate into UM culture by creating relationships with national student mentors.
  • Campus Safety: Contrinuing to distribute information about staying safe on campus, while discussing further safety options with UM police and transportation services.
  • Improving the Recreational Facilities through work with the Recreational Athletics Department, and gaining student investment in the gyms around campus.
  • Improving opportunities and accessibility for disabled students on campus.
  • Creating events such as the Stress-Free Diag Day in order to help students cope with exam woes

Meeting Time: Mondays at 8:00, G325 Mason Hall

Chair: Patrick Miller
Vice Chair: Brian Wang