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Budget Allocations

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Any student organization seeking funding must first start by filling out the BAC App, which can be downloaded from LSA Student Government’s website. Once it is completed they will email the application to This email will send them back an automated do not reply email informing them that we have received their application and telling them to email if they have further questions. Hopefully, groups will submit early enough where BAC can glance at their app and find any major problems and help them fix those before the application is due.  Then Friday at 5 pm the application closes. Any app I receive past then will be sent to the next cycle (Apps received after the deadline for Cycle 4 will not be reviewed).

On Sunday afternoons, ¼ of all voting Representatives will join BAC At-Large Members to review and vote on funding. We will then work to send results as soon as possible to groups.

As soon as groups receive their funding decisions they may begin the process to appeal our initial decisions. To do that they must fill out an Appeal Request Form, this will be on LSA SG webpage. These are due the Friday after the initial applications were due. BAC will review and vote upon the appeals. For an appeal to be considered, a member from that group must attend their appeal hearing.If no member of the groups appears, the appeal is forfeited. We will then send out appeal decisions as soon as possible. It is very important to note that all appeal decisions are final and will not under any circumstances be altered.

The Friday after appeal applications are due or two Fridays after the initial application is due the Receipts and Reimbursement Forms are due. These forms and more detailed information about this process will be on the website. If a student group does not turn in the Receipts and Reimbursement Forms into G325 Mason Hall by 5 pm on that day, the money allocated to that group is forfeited. It is important to note that a group may not apply for funding twice for the same cost of the same event; this means that money will not be able to be used for that event. If a group knows of an extenuating circumstance that makes it impossible for them to meet our receipt deadline, the may fill out a Reimbursement Extension Form also found on the website. It will be up to the discretion of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer whether or not to grant those extensions.

Once we process the receipts, the funds will be transferred to the organizations SOAS accounts as quickly as possible (hopefully a couple of days, but do not be concerned if it is taking longer).

Any questions please email