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Getting Started

Welcome to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts! This page provides an overview to the resources and services available to you whether you're faculty, staff, or student. Use these links to get support by mailphonetrouble ticket, or walk-in, or to determine the status of any of your previously-opened trouble tickets.

The Basics

  • For complete access to our services, you will be given a computing ID called a "uniqname" and it will be:
    • Part of your email address (
    • Public information and printed on your MCard
    • Your ID for many U-M services
  • Every uniqname will have a UMICH (Kerberos) password created which:
    • Authenticates — proves you are you — when you use computing services
    • Should be kept secret to guard against unauthorized use (or misuse) of services in your name
    • Is used for most U-M services, you may have other passwords to access other tools such as departmental systems
  • A standard set of computing services is provided at no charge to all faculty on the Ann Arbor campus:

We are always here for you!
Ask us anything at


  • Specialized research consultations including:
    • Data management design planning, securing, and sharing
    • Storage, backup, security, and collaborating
    • Assistance with design, configuration, and purchases beyond basic computing; everything from computational servers to video cameras for recording subjects
    • Research programming consultation on projects and software development with tie-in to research hardware and data acquisition
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) consultations including:
    • Determining the best platform and software tools for your analysis
    • Testing your jobs on the campus wide cluster
    • Exploring emerging technology and services
    • Requesting access to free advanced computing elsewhere
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) consultations including:
    • Server and software access with dedicated support
    • A team of map project developers
    • GIS experts for your research and teaching
  • Field research equipment pool and consulations including:
    • Options to try before you invest your own funds
    • Exploring best cases, connectivity, and power for your work
  • Statistical consulting and big data support through our Advanced Research Computing (ARC) office.


  • Our course websites are hosted in Canvas.
  • LSA Instructional Support Services (ISS) provides extensive instructional support activities including consultations for classroom, course, event design and support; video conferencing, loaner equipment, and more.
  • The Language Resource Center (LRC) provides support for Language and Culture courses including:
    • Consultants for course design and links to the U-M community (tutors, language bank)
    • Access to international satellite TV (IPTV) and recordings
    • Digital and physical access to audio and video material required for foreign language classes including media collections of foreign language films, documentaries, books, and foreign language magazines
    • Language learning media subscriptions (LiveMocha,Yabla)
    • Physical spaces and equipment engineered for language study
  • Digital Education Initiative (DEI) offers:
    • Digital infrastructure at scale (large scale tech solutions)
    • Curricular innovation (from flipped classrooms to residential MOOCs to interdisciplinary programs)
    • Learning analytics (informed choices improving outcomes)
  • Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) provides teaching orientations, grants, and more.

Digital Presence

  • Faculty, Lab, and Research websites which are built from a choice of templates and include on-going support that are intended for:

    • Individuals (Faculty, Grad Students, and Post Docs)
    • Labs
    • Conferences
    • Research projects
  • Web Hosting Environment (WHE), intended for those who have special considerations and are willing to administer and maintain their own environment.
  • SharePoint, intended for units or subunits with specific workflow needs.
  • Unit websites, intended for any center, department, institute, or program.
  • Windows Web Application Hosting (WWAH), intended for ASP.NET applications developed, maintained, and supported by MIS or individual units.

Hardware and Software

  • The LSA startup package contributes towards the purchase of an initial primary computer and replacement of that computer on a 4 year cycle utilizing the Computer Upgrade for Instructional Faculty (CUIF) program.

  • Computer hardware and software discounts are available for faculty, staff, and students.
  • We have knowledgeable and experienced professionals to consult with regarding specific or specialized research and instructional needs before you purchase.
  • We will set up and deliver your equipment (in person based on your preference) and provide ongoing support in person, by phone, and by email.
  • Our software catalog includes over 100 popular titles for no additional charge, and we offer discounts on hundreds more. We also offer assistance in purchasing software outside of our already extensive catalog.

Storage and Backup

  • LSA IT helps match your data storage needs with various on-campus and cloud solutions, including:

    The LSA Research Storage program provides 2 TB of MiStorage or Turbo storage space to each researcher with no cost to the individual or department. Additional storage of the same type is only $30/TB/year.
  • Unlimited cloud desktop backup (powered by CrashPlan), is provided at no cost to LSA faculty, staff, and graduate students using University-owned computers with Linux, Mac, or Windows operating systems.
  • MiBackup (formerly TSM, Tivoli Storage Manager) backup is available for server-class machines. Standard rates apply for LSA users.
  • Alternative backup solutions for research instrumentation or non-standard, legacy computers are available.


  • Ask a Librarian is a free service, available 7 days a week, for asking library and research-related questions. U-M Library staff answer questions in-person, by phone, via email, instant messaging, and texting or by referring you to a Field Based Subject Specialist.
  • Document Delivery is a free service that will get items from other libraries (ILL), scan small portions of local items to your email or deliver them to your department (7FAST).
  • UM3D Lab provides 3-D printing, scanning, modeling, animation, simulation, motion capture, rapid prototyping, virtualization and applciation development.


We will:

  • Help you navigate the campus IT landscape.
  • Collaborate with you to design and develop IT solutions.
  • Build relationships between researchers facing similar IT issues.
  • Represent your IT interests to groups across campus.
  • Facilitate and align resources to complete your projects on time.
  • Listen to your needs and provide personal, effective solutions.

To obtain a physical or hardcopy version of this brochure, please contact the LSA IT Service Desk via email ( or telephone (734.936.3279), or visit any of our walk-in locations.