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PhD Alumni 2000 - 2004

2004 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Evanthia Diakoumakou
Coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Modern Greek      
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor        
Current Position/Title: Instructor at Institute of Professional Development


Jeffrey Doan                     
The degradation of ethos in adversarial contexts          
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Heath          
Current Position/Title:


Dushyanthi Mendis       
A corpus-based study of the use and identification of metaphor in academic speech         
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             
Current Position/Title: On Faculty in Department of English at University of Colombo


2003 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Bridget Anderson           
An acoustic study of Southeastern Michigan Appalachian and African American southern migrant vowel systems                 
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Lesley Milroy           
Current Position/Title: Associate Professor, Linguistics, Old Dominion University


Mark Arehart                    
Noun compound semantics: linguistic and general-purpose reasoning      
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Richmond Thomason                            
Current Position/Title: Research Scientist at Mitre Corporation


Elizabeth Axelson
A longitudinal study of intercultural discourse in a master's thesis project group   
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             
Current Position/Title: Lecturer in English, ELI, University of Michigan


Annemarie Toebosch    
Gender-animacy and the morpho-syntax of object clitics in Dutch               
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Samuel Epstein and Christina Tortora  
Current Position/Title: Lecturer III, Director of Dutch Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


2002 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Dacia Dressen-Hammouda                                                 
Accounting for fieldwork in three areas of modern geology: a situated analysis of textual silence and salience                               |
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             
Current Position/Title: Research Faculty, Universite Blaise Pascal


Andrew Freeman            
In search of a koin & eacute; in San & lsquo;a & rsquo;
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Heath and Raji Rammuny    
Current Position/Title: Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Mclean


Rose Letsholo                   
Syntactic domains in Ikalanga                 
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Samuel Epstein       
Current Position/Title: Assistant Professor, University of Botswana


2001 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Joseph Pimentel             
Dissertation: Sociolinguistic reflections of privatization and globalization: the Arabic of Egyptian newspaper advertisements               
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             |
Current Position/Title: Dance Caller


2000 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Judith Dyer
Language and identity in a Scottish-English community: a phonological and discoursal analysis
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Deborah Keller-Cohen and Lesley Milroy           
Current Position/Title: Lecturer at the English Language Institute


Hyo-Young Kim               
Flexibility of English stress                       
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: San Duanmu            
Current Position/Title: Associate Professor of English, Koomin University, Seoul, Korea


Mi-Ryoung Kim                
Segmental and tonal interations in English and Korean: a phonetic and phonological study              |
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor and San Duanmu     
Current Position/Title: Chair, Professor of English, Dept of ESL, Korean Cyber University, Seoul


Stephanie Lindemann  
Non-native speaker "incompetence" as a construction of the native listener: attitudes and their relationship to perception and comprehension of Korean-accented English       
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor and Lesley Milroy    
Current Position/Title: Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and ESL, Georgia State Univerisity


Ivelisse Martinez            
The effects of language on children's understanding of agency and causation        
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Marilyn Shatz           
Current Position/Title: US Deparment of Health and Human Services (2010)


Ana Ostermann               
Reifying and defying sisterhood in discourse: communities of practice at work at an all-female police station and a feminist crisis intervention center in Brazil                        
Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Deborah Keller-Cohen                         
Current Position/Title: Professor, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos