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Prospective Students

Invitation from the Director

In the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program (LHSP) we believe in the value of a lifelong connection to writing and the arts, and particularly the value of integrating writing and the arts into academic life. Our students major in a variety of subjects—everything from business, engineering, and neuroscience, to English, political science, and dance. What they have in common is the desire to keep a connection to their creative pursuits and to join a community of students who want to be both academically and creatively engaged.

As a Michigan Learning Community, LHSP offers ways to grow creatively, intellectually, socially, and personally—both inside and outside the classroom. Students take their first year writing requirement with the faculty of the Sweetland Center for Writing. Students can also elect to take art classes, such as Art in Public Spaces, in which they create giant puppets and take part in the annual Festifools Parade, which draws over 8,000 people each year and allows students and members of the community to work together. Students also serve as editors for, contribute to, and appear in the LHSP Arts and Literary Journal, a professionally bound volume we celebrate each year with a release party. And each year students compete in written and spoken word categories of LHSP’s own Caldwell Poetry Prizes.

The value of a living-learning community such as ours is the way the community supports learning and personal growth. We are committed to admitting a diverse population of students, and to helping students from all different backgrounds become part of a community, to work together, learn from one another, and receive support from a strong and committed team of student leaders. Many of our students decide to return after their first year and become leaders themselves—taking a greater role in shaping the program that helped to shape them.

Community is not accidental. The people who welcome you to the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program serve this program because they believe in it and in you. Visiting writers and artists, trips to performances and exhibitions, workshops with campus partners like UMS and the Wolverine Press, and student run clubs that represent a wide variety of the arts—so much is in place to help make this community happen, and we ask that you join us and fully inhabit the place that’s here for you.

I value each of our students as equal constituents of this community—that is, each student not only makes up this community, each constitutes the community, each student brings a unique set of interests and ideas, and by taking an interest in each other makes the community. I invite you to bring all your sides—your intellect, creativity, sociability, leadership, and personality—and contribute to a stimulating environment which is here to help you flourish.


Paul Barron, MFA

Interim Director

P.S. Please come and join me each Friday afternoon for relaxed conversation and sweet treats at Pastries with Paul, in the Alice Lloyd living room.