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Step by Step

Before your Event

1. Get in touch with ISS Video Conferencing  

         Technology is always changing so this will ensure you're using the correct tool for the situation


                    (734) 647-1534

            Be prepared to provide the following information

Name, email address, and name of the event

Date, start and end times, and location of the class or event

Timezone of distant guest

Will you be sharing computer content?

2. Let us do the work!

ISS Video Conferencing Techs will do everything on the back end to make sure your class, meeting, or event runs smoothly. This includes ensuring the connection is stable, practicing with you beforehand, or anything else you might need.

During your Event

Focus on your Event

We know that the technology is the last thing you want to think about when teaching a class, or hosting a meeting or event. Rest assured, our staff will be available to assist if you have any questions or run into stumbling blocks.

After your Event

Relax - and celebrate a job well done!

You deserve it!

Get started today!

(734) 647-1534