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Software & Hardware

i>clicker Software: 

Download i>clicker Software v.7.10.0 (Both Mac and PC versions included)

Click the link above to download i>clicker software, v.7.10.0 (.zip file).  

NOTE: If the download above does not work for you, please go to this link for detailed instructions.  Some versions of Apple's OSX 10.10 and newer require different instructions for setup.

The i>clicker software is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms, as well as any presentation tool or software. The software also integrates with Canvas in order to download your course roster and sync polling session scores with your Canvas gradebook.  

If you would like additional information about the i>clicker software or would like to schedule an appointment to get assistance with setting up your course with i>clicker, please contact the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting Group at 734-615-0099 or email  


i>clicker Hardware:

Student Clickers

Students will need to purchase a student remote from the Computer Showcase. New i>clicker remotes are priced at $39.00 or used i>clicker remotes can be purchased for $29.00 (prices subject to change).  Computer Showcase will buy back i>clicker remotes for $19.00 cash or $30.00 store credit toward any purchase you make at the time of buy-back.

Instructor Clickers

Instructor remotes are available at no cost to all instructors at the University of Michigan.  Remotes are available for pick up at the ISS Learning Technologies and Consulting office located in 2014 Modern Language Building.  

Base Station

The i>clicker base station is needed in order to start a polling session and to collect student polling data.  All LSA classrooms with a podium computer are equipped with a base station.  They are most often stored in a drawer of the podium.  If you are teaching in a room that does not have a base station, or if you are teaching in a non-LSA classroom, please contact us at