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i>clicker Documentation

i>clicker Setup and Polling

Using i>clicker in Canvas Courses

Complete, step-by-step guide to setting up the i>clicker software and the basics of using the system in class. 


Student Registration and Verifying Registered Devices

i>clicker Registration

Information on how students register their i>clicker remotes and how instructors can verify student registration. 

i>clicker Student Guide

You may want to link to our student guide for i>clickers on your Canvas site home page. This will help reduce the amount of time you spend working with students to make sure their i>clicker remotes are set up properly. The document includes detailed instructions, troubleshooting information for each step of the process, and information about who to contact if they need help.


Advanced i>clicker Usage

Improving Learning with i>clicker

You've got the basics down and you want to take your class to a new level, but you're not sure how.  We can help!