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Equipment Reservation Portal


Welcome to the ISS Loan Equipment Reservation Portal!  Through this, LSA students, instructors, and regular staff members can make reservations on resources available at the ISS Loan Centers in G340 Mason Hall and 2001 MLB.  If you’re an LSA student, instructor, or regular staff member but can’t access the portal, please let us know at



Since this is a pilot launch of this service, only select resources are available through it at this time.  They are:

Collaboration Rooms (2001 MLB only)
The Demo Room (2001 MLB only)
Edit Rooms* (2001 MLB only)
iClicker event kits (G340 Mason only)
iClicker practice kits
M-Card readers (G340 Mason only)
Video Projectors

*You will not be able to see Edit Rooms through the portal if you haven’t taken the orientation for them.  Please call 734-763-1104 or visit us in 2001 MLB for more details.

If you want to reserve equipment that isn't available through the Equipment Reservation Portal yet, please email, give us a call, or come in to either Loan Center.

Your feedback is important as we move forward with this!  Please answer a few questions on your experience with the portal and what resources you would like to see available through it next.