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University Departments


University departments should contact the Registrar's Office through their departmental staff to reserve classrooms/auditoriums.

Depending on the nature of the event, departments may or may not be charged through Instructional Support Services for use of the space and audio-visual services within the space. 

The following classrooms require ISS staff to operate the installed equipment:

  • Angell Hall Auds A, B, C, and D 
  • Chemistry 1800
  • East Hall 1324
  • Kraus 2140
  • Lorch Hall 140
  • MLB Auds 2, 3, and 4

Events for which departments would not be charged for the use of the space include free events held for the department or a class within the department. Examples include:

  • Study sessions 
  • Department training events 
  • Events for a class outside of regularly scheduled class hours

Depending on the event, there might be a charge for the audio-visual services. 



**To apply for sponsorship click to download the attached Sponsorship Request Form.  

    Email completed form to: