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Campus Connection: LSA Study Spaces

Twelve students from the Summer Bridge Scholars Program worked with BlueCorps this summer to create an online resource that maps out study spaces in LSA academic buildings. Scholars were trained on how to use DSLR cameras available through Instructional Support Services. They also learned the basics of composing good photographs for the web and how to use Photoshop for resizing images. For a large part of the Campus Connection the Scholars explored LSA buildings, took pictures, and documented the amenities in each study space. By the end of the four weeks, they had knowledge of many study spaces on campus, experienced checking out and using ISS equipment, and created an online resource that all students will be able to use.

Summer Bridge Scholars

Darren Allen, Oliva Anderson, Autumn Black, Destini Brooks, Gabriella Ferrell, Dwyer Loughran, Maria Maldonado, Luz Navarro, Demetric Pridgeon, Joseph Powell, Madison Thomas-Little, Ashlee Winston