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2016-2017 Anthropology and History Workshops

The Anthropology and History Workshop is a forum for the discussion of papers and chapters, usually in draft, by students, faculty and visitors. Workshop papers are distributed by email attachment to graduate students and faculty in Anthro-History and affiliated programs about one week in advance. The Workshop meets on Fridays, 2-4 pm, usually in 1014 Tisch Hall on U-M's Central Campus. There is typically a commentator/critic for each session, the presenter has a few minutes to set a context for the discussion of the work, with the remainder of the session dedicated to open discussion.

Workshop papers are available by request to

The Reading Group meets from 7:00-9:00 pm and locations are publcized in the individual event announcements.

Winter 2017 Schedule

12 January Reading Group
7-9 pm
Kenneth Mills

9 February Reading Group
7-9 pm
Donia Jarrar

9 March Reading Group
7-9 pm
Bruno Renero-Hanna

24 March 
2-4 pm
Hakem Al-Rustom
Titiev Library, West Hall

7 April Workshop
2-4 pm
Anya Bernstein (Harvard)
Titiev Library, West Hall