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The Institute for the Humanities co-sponsors a wide variety of faculty and graduate student projects in the College of Literature, Science, and the Art and the broader university—all of which serve to strengthen intellectual and cultural life on campus and beyond. The events we fund through minig-grants must have a component open to the public, thus supporting our mission to bring the voices of the humanities to public life. Only University of Michigan faculty and graduate students can apply for minigrants (click on the button above to apply).

2013-14 Mini-grants

Event Department
Lusohphone Film Festival-Portuguese speaking world Afroamerican & African Studies
Artist-in-Residence Program, Carmen Souza

Afroamerican & African Studies

Philosophy and the Subpersonal Philosophy 
Rolando Estevez visit Anthropology
Seventh Enoch seminar Near Eastern Studies
Princeton-Michigan Graduate Metaethics conference Philosophy 
Conference: The Arts of the Middle East Uprisings History of Art
Learning from Detroit: Turbulent Urbanism in the 21st Centruy Afroamerican & African Studies
Voices of the Middle West: A Celebrartion of Writers and Independent Presses Residential College
Political Theory Workshop Political Science
Roman Error: The Reception of Ancient Rome as a Flawed Model Classical Studies
Advancing Omry Ronen's Legacy in Russian Literary Studies Slavic Languages & Literatures
Former Ukrainian Pres Victor Yushchenko visit Slavic Languages & Literatures
Negro I am Negro I Will Remain Afroamerican & African Studies
Italian Film Festival USA 2014 Romance Langages & Literatures
Fictions of Finance: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Finance Economy English Language & Literature
2013 Fraker Graduate Student Conference Romance Lang
Stefan Jonsson, Crowds and Democracy: Understanding the Shapelessness of German Collectives German
Robert Hayden: A Centennial Conference English 
CLIFF 18th Annual Comparative Literature Intra-Student Faculty Forum Comparative Literature
Conference on Dominant Party Regimes International Institute
Alisa Solomon visit Stamps School of Art & Design
Meditopos: Mapping the Mediterranean International Institute
Dmitri Zisl Slepovich: the Litvak Musical Tradition lecture & concert Slavic Languages & Literatures
Detroit: Movement City symposium American Culture 
Homer Neal symposium Physics
Ann Arbor in Russian Literature: Revisiting the Carl R Proffer and Ardis Legacies symposium Slavic Languages & Literatures
Michigan Medieval Seminar Romance Languages & Literatures
Matthew Vernon lecture Medieval Studies and African-American Studies Romance Languages & Literatures
Border Collective Interdisciplinary Symposium American Culture
Classicisms in the Black Atlantic  History
Vandalia: A Symposium on Late Antique Studies  Near East
Makawalu: An Indigenous Ecology of the Hawaiian Hula Arts American Culture
Visit by Walter Echo-Hawk English Language & Literature
Feminist Digital Pedagogies American Culture
Getting Credit: lecture by Finn Brunton American Culture
Seth Kimmel lecture and workshop Romance Languages & Literatures
Yunfest in Ann Arbor Screen Arts & Culture 
BIDVVM Latinvm Michiganiense (Latin weekend) Classical Studies
Kafka Narrative and the Law- Grilk Lecture German
What Happened to a Progressive, Tolerant and Multicultural Country German
Lisa Surwillo lecture Romance Lang
2013 Meeting of the Midwest Consortium on Ancient Religions Classical Studies
Ancient Law, Ancient Society conference Classical Studies
Politics and the President Political Science
Bruno Latour and the Eighteenth Century conference English Language & Literature
The Economy of Scales conference English Language & Literature
C'est bizarre: Queerness and French Cinema discussion series Screen Arts & Culture 
Colonial Resonance conference Romance Languages & Literatures
Will Aitken Visit: two presentations German
Chinese Classical Dance Master Class Residency Asian Languages & Cultures
Sex, Media, Reception: New Approaches symposium  Screen Arts & Culture 
Soseki's Diversity: A Symposium on the Work of Natsume Soseki Asian Languages & Cultures


2012-13 Mini-grants

Event Department
Regional Meeting of the International Plato Society Classical Studies
Ghanaian Drum Carver and Performer Afroamerican and African Studies
The Alchemy of Air--a visit by author Thomas Hager Chemistry
25th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics Asian Languages and Cultures
Cuba Double Week: Celebration of Culture, Art and Diversity Anthropology
Francoise Massardier-Kenney visit-Translating the Discourse of Freedom Library
The Port Huron Statement and the Making of the New Left History
Lineages of the Literary Left: A Symposium in Honor of Alan Wald History
Artists in Residence: Theatre of Risk (2 Sri Lankan artists) English Language and Literature
The State of the Book: A Celebration of MI Writers and Writing English Language and Literature
Spain and the Modern Arab World: A Lecture Series Romance Languages and Literatures
Sex and Justice Conference Romance Languages and Literatures
Grupo Krapp Dance/Theater-Buenos Aires School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Picturing Empire: Race and the Lives of the Photographs of Dean C Worcester in the Philippines Asian Languages and Cultures
Beverly Buchanan Exhibition, DAAS gallery Afroamerican and African Studies
Roman Error: The Reception of Ancient Rome as a Flawed Model Classical Studies
Jean Allouch lecture Rackham
Russia's Internal Colonization: Where History and Literature Converge Slavic Languages and Literatures
Silence and Translation Comparative Literature
Mario Pirovano in "Francis the Holy Jester" Romance Languages and Literatures
Patrice Petro Lecture/Grad Professionalization Workshop Screen Arts and Cultures
Michigan Medieval and Early Modern Seminar: Mixed Media History
Lecture by David Cressy English Language and Literature
Filmmaker Agnieszka Holland Visit to UM Political Science
Penny Stamps Lecture Series-Chris Jordan School of Art & Design
Penny Stamps Lecture Series-Sally Mann School of Art & Design
From Bodies to Billboards, History of Art Grad Student Symposium History of Art
Animal Acts School of Art & Design
Andreas Eckert Visit-Global Studies Meets African Studies, European Studies History
Imagination and Make-Believe in Art and Philosophy Philosophy
Proclaiming Emancipation: An Exhibit, Conference, Classroom and Public History Project History
Native Women Language Keepers: An Arts Based Research Symposium English Language and Literature
Novel Native American Narrative in Honor of Professor Lincoln Faller English Language and Literature
Islam, Society, and Politics in Central Asia Political Science
Native American Literature Symposium American Culture
The Qur'an in the World Humanities Institute
Lecture on Medieval Translations Romance Languages and Literatures
DAAS Living Poets Series-Nikky Finney Afroamerican and African Studies
Artistic Residency for Japanese Benshi Kataoka Ichiro Screen Arts and Cultures
African Print Cultures Conference History
Public Events at 2013 Linguistic Institute Linguistics
John Baines lecture Study Abroad
HAUNTINGS: Graduate Student Conference German Language and Literature
Residency of El Anatsui U-M Museum of Art
Cine-concert Georges Melies Screen Arts and Cultures
DeVries-Vanderkooy Memorial Lecture "Two Stories about a Delta" German Language and Literature
Annual Grilk Lecture: Josef Vogl "The Sovereignty Effect" German Language and Literature
History of Art Grad Student Symposium History of Art
William Morris Carpets: Action in Design lecture by Caroline Arscott History of Art
Claiming Citizenship: African Americans and New Deal Photo English Language and Literature
Symposium on the Cultural History of Cartography English Language and Literature
Majora Carter Lecture Program in the Environment
Politica Comun: Rethinking the Common Romance Languages and Literatures
James Baldwin Symposium and Film Screening American Culture
Workshop: Architecture, Image, Action History of Art
Celebrating Tagore: Translations through Music, Dance and Poetry Comparative Literature