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How to Apply

To apply to HSSP, you first must be admitted to UM - Ann Arbor, and need to complete the Michigan Learning Community (MLC) application. You will be guided to the MLC application after completion of the online Housing Application. Please refer to University Housing's MLC Application Instructions for more information on how to apply.

When you pay the U-M enrollment deposit, you will receive access to the online Housing Application beginning in late March, or approximately three weeks after paying the enrollment deposit. Should you choose to apply to HSSP (and we hope you do!), you will be asked to complete approximately three short-answer essays.

Our application review will focus on three general areas of consideration:

  • Application essays— We examine essays for a number of qualities and characteristics, including creativity, originality, and interests that are well-aligned with our mission of encouraging investigation into the health sciences.
  • Extracurricular activities & interests — Your extracurriculars (including work) should show a high level of humanistic intent and a dedication to the service of others. Beyond that, show us how these activities have affected you as an individual; it speaks to what kind of person you are and how well you might do in a diverse, tight-knit community.
  • Personal characteristics — We also consider individual factors and characteristics that may allow prospective members to contribute to the community in unique or compelling ways.

Michigan Learning Community applications take precedence over roommate requests. If admitted to an MLC, successful applicants' roommate requests may not be considered. HSSP specifically does not honor roommate requests - it plays a big part in building our tight-knit community! Further, it is possible for one roommate to be admitted to HSSP and the other declined. Should one roommate accept their place in HSSP, the other person will not be placed with that student. Also, if two students request each other as roommates, and both are both accepted to HSSP, they will still be randomly assigned.

Admissions decisions will be sent out in June. If admitted to an MLC, that particular program will distribute information about program requirements. If HSSP is the only program you applied applied to, you will hear directly from HSSP regarding admission status. In any given year, we expect at least three applications for each available space.

In addition to ours, here are some other programs that the University has to offer:

Many of our students choose to participate in these programs while also being in HSSP.

Application Timeline

First, pay your enrollment deposit. Yay!

Eventually, you will recieve an email from Housing notifying you that your application is ready. Once that application is ready, begin that Housing application process. At some point during the housing application process, you will have the option to start the MLC application.

The MLC Application opens in early April. If you try to apply before that, you will not be able to access the application.

Submit your MLC application by the deadline (May 4 for housing applications available before May 4; ten days for any available after May 5)

Decisions will come out in early June.

For the most up-to-date information, Visit the University Housing MLC Application Instruction webpage or the Michigan Learning Community website.