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Meet Tiffany Pong

When I applied to the University of Michigan, I was already intent on pursuing a career in healthcare. As far as specifics go, I was undecided. I joined HSSP open to all possibilities, and it surely delivered. HSSP afforded me a safe environment to explore various health careers through a combination of classes, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities. I graduated having fulfilled the pre-med requirements —  I even took the MCAT, and did quite well! — but after serious consideration, I opted to follow the physician assistant (PA) path. My decision required that I take additional prerequisite courses prior to applying to PA school. During this period, I also worked as a nurse assistant in both a nursing home facility and at the University of Michigan Hospital to accrue enough hands-on, clinical hours. I ultimately chose to attend Shenandoah University for PA school, and it ended up being the perfect program for me! The program was a grueling journey, not without its obstacles. But it was equally rewarding, as I was able to find a terrific job right after graduation. I currently work as a neurosurgery PA at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. I spend my time split between the operating room and the outpatient clinic setting. As cliche as it sounds, I am always learning new things (and better ways of doing them) on the job each day. I am blessed to enjoy the small role I play in the world of medicine. And I'm getting hitched next year to the stud who lived down the hall from me at Alice Lloyd, with a fellow HSSPer as my maid of honor. HSSP, I owe you one -  in both my professional and personal lives. Forever, Go Blue!