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Meet Sumeet and Kathryn Goel

HSSP is a special program. Having a group of college freshmen interested in health related careers living together in the residence hall creates a unique, collaborative student experience unlike any other comparable student groups. It accomplishes all of this while still providing personal growth with exposure to new ideas thanks to Michigan's amazing diversity. The program provided us with numerous opportunities. We took many of the same courses, struggled with similar career considerations, and were interested in many of the same activities. HSSP helped us make lifelong friends, as well as provided us with a professional experience that solidified our understanding of various health professions, and planted the seed for our future as our HSSP romance has grown to a wonderful marriage and family. We have since become a family practice physician, a clinical psychologist, and parents to two beautiful children and a lovable dog. Our lives have been filled with great joy and, since it never would have happened without HSSP, the program will always hold a special place in our hearts.