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The Marjorie Rapaport Award in Poetry

As a memorial to her daughter Marjorie, Mrs. Phyllis Rapaport offers a first prize of $700 and a second prize of $500 for the best poems by University of Michigan Spring/Summer school students—undergraduate or graduate. Any course taken during the spring or summer half terms may be used to qualify. The terms of the gift stipulate that the prize poems shall exemplify the new and unusual. Contestants are advised that:

  • Poems may be of any length, but not more than three poems may be entered in the competition by any contestant in any one year.
  • No poem which has won another award may be entered.
  • No poem entered in the Spring/Summer Hopwood Contest may be entered in this contest.
  • No student who has won this award may compete again in this contest.
  • No poem that has been published in a medium other than a college magazine or newspaper may be entered.

​A contestant may submit one to three poems. Entries should be in 10-12 point font, with a left-hand margin of 1.5 inches.   A contestant must use a pen name--entirely different from his or her real name. Please make sure the that the pen name in your profile matches the one on your PDF. The same pen name must be used if entering the Sprin/Summer Hopwood Contest.  This name should only appear on the title page, nowhere else in the manuscript.  Submissions should be in PDF format. 

The PDF must have a title page on which shall appear: 

  • The title
  • The pen name (do not use your real name)
  • The Marjorie Rapaport Award in Poetry


The deadline for the submission is absolutely no later than August 2, 2017, by 12:00 noon.  Please be advised that all contest deadlines are enforced to the minute.


The winners will be announced at the Summer Hopwood Awards Ceremony in September.