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Honors Kickoff

Honors Kickoff is the last Friday before classes begin for Fall semester. We begin the day in Hill Auditorium with welcoming remarks, speakers who address the Summer Book theme, and group book discussions. Additional details may be found on the Events area of the website.

Back under the tent for lunch, we turn the program over to the Honors Peer Mentors and Resident Advisors. During the afternoon, a scavenger hunt is planned to introduce you to well-known and not so well-known campus spots, culminating with ice cream carts in an undisclosed location (because it's a hunt).

Scheduling conflict note: We understand that certain students must attend U-M band rehearsal, while others may have departmental conflicts. You may join us for any portion of the day. You will receive Kickoff information in our newsletter, This Week in Honors, which will include an itinerary so that you can join us following your commitment.