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History of Art Honors Program


  1. 3.5 GPA in History of Art courses
  2. Overall GPA of 3.4
  3. Successful completion of a 300-level or higher seminar in History of Art.

Because seminars provide students with research skills necessary for successful completion of a senior thesis, students wishing to pursue honors are expected to take at least one seminar before their senior year. At the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students whose schedules have prevented them from taking a seminar may be admitted to the program if they are judged ready to conduct advanced level research. 
Acceptance into the Honors Program
Step one: The backbone of the Honors Program is a cooperative, scholarly relationship between a student and a faculty advisor. Therefore the first and most important step in being accepted into the program is to identify a research topic and convince a faculty member of its worth. Once the student has identified a topic, and has conducted sufficient initial research, s/he may get an application form from the departmental web site under "HA Forms." Normally this should occur sometime before March of the junior year.  However, initial research may be pursued during the summer and step two may take place very early in the fall.
Step two: The application form should be submitted to the potential faculty advisor along with a two- to four-page, double-spaced project proposal and a separate bibliography. If the faculty advisor accepts the project, the student will submit the application form and proposal, with revisions if necessary, to student services. Normally this should occur by April 15 of the junior year, however, the final deadline is the second Friday of the fall term in the senior year. 
Step three: Applications and proposals will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students accepted into the program will be issued an override to enroll in HA 498 in the fall term. 
The Senior Thesis
Honors concentrators register for a two-semester sequence of three-credit-hour courses:
HA 498, the "Honors Colloquium" (fall semester); and HA 499, the "Senior Thesis" (winter semester).  HA 498 must be completed with a grade of A- or better in order to enroll in HA 499.
Over the course of these two semesters, senior thesis students will:

  • Meet weekly with fellow honors students and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (who oversees the thesis group).
  • Meet as a group regularly during the semester with their faculty advisors.
  • Present a twenty-minute oral report on the state of their research at the Honors Colloquium (held the end of the fall semester, typically the first week of December). The Colloquium is generally attended by all Honors concentrators as well as interested History of Art faculty, students and parents. 
  • Present the final draft of the thesis to student services at the end of the winter semester.

Ideal Timeline
Junior Year:  1) Student enrolls in at least one 300-level or higher seminar; 2) student seeks a faculty advisor prior to March 31; 3) faculty advisor and student submit proposal to the Director of Undergraduate Studies prior to April 15.
Senior Year: 1) The final deadline for submission of proposals to the Director of Undergraduate Studies is the second Friday of the fall semester; 2) student presentations at the Honors Colloquium take place during the first week of December; 3) eligible students enroll in HA 499 in January; 4) students submit a final draft approximately 40-45 pages to student services by the second Friday of April.