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Independent Study Guidelines

1/27/09 revision approved by the LSA Curriculum Committee & LSA Executive Committee

  1. Each department will establish and post a written policy for undergraduate independent studies, including minimum requirements (reading, writing assignments, the grading basis) and the expected hours of faculty-student contact per credit.
  2. An independent study form will be completed and signed by the instructor and student for each independent study arrangement.
  3. The department will set a policy on the maximum number of students and independent studies a faculty may supervise each term. The department may grant an exception to this policy. If so, a brief rationale for the exception, along with the signed faculty-student agreement, will be sent to the LSA Curriculum Office to be kept on file.
  4. The department will keep on file copies of the signed agreement and sufficient evidence of student work to demonstrate that the agreement was fulfilled for a period of 7 years.