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LSA HR Council


The HR Council is charged with serving several purposes:

  1. Providing general advice and counsel to the LSA Senior Manager for Human Resources
  2. Partnering with LSA HR to identify HR issues facing the College and University
  3. Making recommendations regarding HR services, programs, policies, and processes
  4. Developing strategies for addressing HR issues that balance the expectations and needs of the College, University, U-M employees, and all other stakeholders

The scope of HR issues considered by the HR Council is limited to those issues impacting non-academic employees and the LSA Dean’s Office retains responsibility for final decision-making.


Individuals who currently have supervisory responsibilities in LSA are eligible to participate on the HR Council.  The Chair of the Key Administrator Steering Committee and the Senior HR Manager will jointly review and select applicants for HR Council membership.  Given the time and effort involved with HR Council, applicants must have the approval of their direct supervisor.

The HR Council generally consists of no more than 14 members:

  1. The LSA Senior Manager for Human Resources (Ex officio)
  2. The University HR representative for LSA (Ex officio)
  3. LSA HR representatives (2) (Ex officio)
  4. A diverse group of LSA supervisors (10)

Regular members initially serve for two years with the opportunity at the end of that term to apply for a second two year term.  A member appointed to fill a partial term vacancy has the opportunity at the end of that partial term to extend their membership for one, full two year term.  Partial term members are not eligible to apply for a second, full two year term at the end their first full, two year term.  A council member who serves the maximum amount of terms allowable based on their initial appointment is also ineligible to be a member of the LSA HR Council for one year.  Ex-officio members are part of the council as long as those members retain the role associated with ex-officio membership.

LSA HR Council will meet once per month for 1.5 hours.  The council may meet more frequently if the nature of the HR issues facing the College necessitates doing so.  Common practice is that subcommittees meet on a bi-weekly basis for at least one hour.  A member of the Key Administrator Steering Committee will serve as a liaison to the HR Council in order to facilitate information sharing, review of HR Council recommendations, and collaboration between the groups.


Members should respect without exception the perspective that fellow members bring to the council.  The HR Council is an active group and members must be prepared to contribute to issue identification, idea generation, and process improvement.  Addressing HR issues facing the College also requires that members consider the range of stakeholders impacted by HR-related decisions.  Lastly, council members should be willing to lead a subcommittee or task team.