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All supervisors are asked to schedule an appraisal meeting of at least one hour with each employee to listen to the employee’s reflections about his or her work over the past year, reflect on the outcomes of that work, and discuss suggestions for improving the work of the unit through the work of this employee.  This is an opportunity for the employee to provide the supervisor with a formal year-end self-appraisal.  Guidelines to assist with such discussions are available on the NT public space*. This formal wrap-up discussion leads into developing the work plan for the coming year.

While a written appraisal is not a requirement in this process, College policy doesn’t preclude written self-appraisals and appraisals for those supervisors and employees who find the process helpful. Employees can, if they wish, request that a written appraisal be provided. Unit managers and/or Chairs and Directors can also choose to ask for written documentation of the appraisal discussion. If written appraisals are used, they must be based on the work-planning concept. The College provides a format that relates directly to the work plan.

When the work plan is used as a reference tool for feedback discussions, and when two-way feedback about work goals is a regular and frequent part of conversations between employee and supervisor, the end of year formal appraisal discussion is a natural wrap-up of those discussions.