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Terminating Non-instructional Appointments


  1. Obtain a written resignation from the employee that specifies their last day of work within the unit. The information may be provided in the form of an e-mail message, memo, etc.
  2. If a written resignation is not done, a verbal resignation is appropriate if they give you a specific date they are terminating from the University. You should then confirm this information back to the person in an email so there is some form of written documentation.

Complete the Layoff and Termination Request Form

  1. Open Web Browser
  2. Go to Faculty and Staff Layoff and Termination Request
  3. Complete the form by typing into the necessary fields – online (Sections 1, 3a, and 3b are required). Note that the effective date is the day following the last day of work.
  4. Print the form

Verify Whether Effort Certification is Necessary

  1. Open the Web Browser
  2. Click on the following link for information on running an Effort Certification Report

Send completed paperwork to LSA Human Resources, 2120 LSA, 1382.