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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if someone tells me they are leaving the department?

First, determine if the employee is leaving the University or transferring to another department at the University. If they are leaving the University, see the termination guidelines on the LSA website. If they are transferring to another department within the University, there is no HR paperwork required (i.e. change worksheet). Transfers are handled through the University Human Resources. For examples of what other items may need to be taken care of when an employee leaves your department, see the Personnel Departure Check-off List (Excel) available on the LSA HR website.

UHR Managers' Toolkit Termination Checklist

What do I do if an employee is taking a leave of absence?

Contact the LSA HR Office. They will walk you through the process.

What if someone did not give their 2-weeks notice?

Giving notice is considered the professional thing to do, and it should be encouraged, but it is not a University requirement.

Do I have to get a resignation letter if they are leaving my department?

If they are leaving the University, it is very important to obtain a resignation letter stating their last day of work and a forwarding address. An email from the employee stating this information is also acceptable. If you cannot, then you can put their verbal conversation down in writing and send it instead. If they are transferring to another department, it is nice to have a letter in your files, but it is not necessary.

If they are leaving the University, do I need to have them sign an effort certification form?

You can get this answer by going into the Wolverine Access HR system reviewing effort certification. For more detailed instructions on this process, see Terminating Non-Instructional Appointments on the LSA HR website. If certification is required, the employee should sign it.

  • Only in extentuating circumstances may an alternate sign an Effort Certification Report in lieu of the employee
  • Prior approval required from Cost Reimbursement

    • Email Cost Reimbursment Office
    • Provide:

      1. Certifier's name & empl id
      2. Administrative Department ID
      3. Name of proposed alternate signer and relationship to certifier
      4. Reason alternate has direct knowledge of the work performed by certifier
      5. Reason certifier not available for signature
      6. Certification period
      7. If applicable: date of Termination, RIF or LOA

 Do I still have to turn in a timesheet even though they left? 

Yes. If they are terminating the University, it is imperative you do this immediately so the Payroll Office can process any vacation payoff correctly. If they are transferring, you can process their timesheet at the normal time, but only for the days they were in your department. Do not mark in any of the days after they left your department. Their new department will process a timesheet to cover those days.

What happens to an employee’s vacation balance when they leave my department?

If they terminate from the University, their vacation balance will be paid to them at their current hourly rate. This will be charged to the shortcode that their salary was being paid from. If they transfer to another department within the University, their vacation balance transfers with them and becomes the responsibility of their new department. An item to remember, an employee that is terminating from the University cannot take vacation time as their last day of work. They must work on their last day at the University.

Can I post the position when someone leaves my department?

Yes, if it is a funded line item on your budget.

Can I change the job (title and duties) before I post it?

You must go through LSA HR Office to get approval for this. You will have to complete a position description form.

Do I need to delete access for someone leaving the University?

Yes, this is very important. To delete access use the Online Access Request System (OARS)

Do I have to process an M-1 Form for an employee that is transferring to another department or will the other department be responsible for processing the M-1 form?

Both, you must process the M-1 form to delete their access to your organization code. The other department will process a M-1 form to allow them access to their organization code. Just because they have been given access to another organization code in another department, does not mean they are automatically denied access to yours. They will continue to have access to your department ID until you delete them by processing an M-1 form.

If the employee has a pcard, do I have to process a pcard maintenance form for an employee that is leaving the University?

Yes, this is very important. You should terminate their pcard immediately. You should also have them work their worklist, print the current statement, sign the statement and attach the necessary receipts before they leave the University.

Do I have to process a pcard maintenance form for an employee that is transferring to another unit within the University?

Yes, again, this is very important. You should terminate their pcard immediately and follow the same steps as listed above. Employees cannot take their pcard with them to another department. If the employee will need a pcard in their new department, they must reapply for a new one after they transfer.

Do I have to conduct an exit interview when an employee leaves my department?

It is highly recommended. LSA is moving toward making this a regular process. LSA has put some ideas on how to conduct an exit interview on their website. You can learn a lot from an exit interview. Exit interviews are not beneficial unless you are willing to use the constructive criticism or information you have received to make improvements.

Do employees have to return their keys and ID card?

Yes, the ID card should be returned to you. (You can then mail it to the ID Office). The keys have to be returned to the Key Office in order for the employee to receive their deposit. You can contact the Key Office and they can tell you if the employee has returned their keys. Keys and ID are considered University property. If the employee does not return their keys, you can call the Department Of Public Safety and they will determine whether to pursue the issue.

Is there anything else I need to do when an employee leaves my department?

LSA has a “termination” checklist on their website. It is a useful tool to help you remember all the things that may need to be done when an employee leaves your department. Not everything will be applicable to your department. You can change this form to fit the needs of your department.