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LSA Inclement Weather Policy

Applies to:               LSA Non-Instructional Staff
Related Policies:     SPG 201.27
Date Issued:          
Date Revised:          12/04/2007
Owner:                     LSA Office of the Dean
Primary Contact:    LSA Human Resources

Given obligations to various members of the University community, the University makes every effort to remain open during periods of inclement weather and rarely closes. The Standard Practice Guide (SPG) regarding Emergency Closings, SPG 201.27, provides direction when the University does declare an emergency closing. At the same time, LSA recognizes that employees are sometimes unable to get to work due to the impact of severe weather. Employees should make reasonable efforts to report to work but not jeopardize their safety in doing so. The LSA Inclement Weather Policy is designed to provide guidance in managing unscheduled requests for time off due to severe weather.

Often times poor travel conditions develop overnight that impact the morning commute or schools close leaving parents with unexpected child care responsibilities. When inclement weather leads to the closing of public schools in the district where an employee lives and/or the Ann Arbor school district, an employee can choose to come to work or take time off. Supervisors, as a rule, approve such time off in advance. The Inclement Weather Policy allows an exception to that practice given advance approval is difficult to obtain in such situations.

Employees who will not report to work must notify their supervisor directly by 8:30 am or earlier. When an immediate supervisor is unavailable, leaving a message with another employee in the office or on voicemail is acceptable. Employees with accrued vacation must use vacation time to accurately account for this time off on their time report; employees without accrued vacation time must use excused time without pay. If the weather improves and an employee comes to work later in the day, vacation or unpaid time will be charged only against time that the employee was not in the office. In such cases, the supervisor or an appropriate designee must be notified about the employee’s attendance.

In the event that an office is not staffed at all due to severe weather, supervisors should leave a voice mail messages on their office phone line that reflects the following "The (insert name of LSA unit) is closed today because of inclement weather. The University of Michigan is not closed (if that is accurate) and so individual classes may still be meeting."

For those staff members who can safely come to work but are delayed by weather, arrivals before 9:00 am will be considered on-time. Employees should make every reasonable effort to advise their department that he/she is on their way to work. Please contact LSA HR for additional information.

Updated 12/4/2007