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LSA Holiday Policy

Applies to:                 LSA Non-Instructional Staff
Related Policies:       SPG 201.26 and SPG 201.64
Date Issued:          
Date Revised:        
Owner:                       LSA Office of the Dean
Primary Contact:      LSA Human Resources

Holiday Staffing Guidelines for Non-Instructional Staff

Holidays represent opportunities for employees to take time off and enjoy that time as each employee sees fit.  Around the holidays, LSA HR receives a number of questions about closing an office early or completely closing on a regular business day before a holiday.  Policies already exist to address appropriate forms of time off that employees must use and can be found in the Holidays SPG (201.26) and Vacation SPG (201.64).  Despite these policies, holidays can sometimes present workplace challenges.  In collaboration with the HR Council, LSA HR developed the following information to help address the questions that arise related to staffing around a holiday.

Employees often want to take time off beyond the time that the University provides for University-designated holidays.  For example, many employees frequently use vacation time to extend holiday weekends.  Employees also often want to leave early on the day before a holiday without appropriately accounting for any time off on their timesheets.  Employees must use vacation time in these or similar situations according to the standard policies governing exempt and non-exempt timekeeping.  When an employee and manager sign a timesheet both individuals certify the accuracy of the information appearing on that timesheet.  Choosing to not record vacation time in these instances does not accurately reflect time away from work.  Vacation pay is also ultimately an expense to the University of Michigan.  Neglecting to use vacation time when appropriate perpetuates a liability and fails to model sound fiscal stewardship.

Departments within LSA do have different operational needs.  Balancing employees’ desire to use vacation time around University-designated holidays with meeting the needs of those we serve is a challenging decision and one best left to each LSA department.  On any regular business day, the College expects LSA departments to maintain a sufficient level of staffing to meet the needs of members of the University community seeking services from that department.  Chairs, Directors and Chief Administrators should work together to decide what level of service a department will maintain around a holiday.  Regardless of how LSA departments choose to staff their operations around the holidays, employees must accurately account for any time away from work in accordance with timekeeping policy.  The “LSA Flexible Scheduling Policy” might help generate options for staffing around the holidays.

Please communicate your department’s availability around a holiday to the members of the University community whom you believe need to be aware of this information. Also, please make arrangements for someone to answer your main phone line on regular business days around a holiday.  Voicemail messages should also communicate your department’s availability during this time.  If you have an employee who plans to be at work on regular business days around a holiday and have concerns about employee safety because of low staffing levels in your unit, LSA HR recommends arranging to have the employee work in another department for that day.  Please contact LSA HR if you need additional information or guidance.