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LSA Extended Sick Coverage Policy

Applies to:                 LSA Non-Instructional Staff
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Date Issued:               
Date Revised:         
Owner:                       LSA Office of the Dean
Primary Contact:      LSA Human Resources


Replacement Staffing Funds & LSA Employee(s) on Extended Sick Time

Costs associated with having a staff member on extended sick time and away from work can be considerable.  Needing to hire a temporary employee can further increase these costs.  To reduce the financial impact of such situations on individual LSA units, the Dean’s Office covers the costs associated with hiring a temporary employee to replace an LSA employee who is receiving extended sick time pay.

The Dean’s Office covers replacement staffing costs up to an amount equivalent to the amount of extended sick time pay that the ill/injured LSA employee receives.  If the employee is receiving extended sick time pay at full pay, the Dean’s Office will cover up to an equivalent amount of replacement staffing costs.  If the employee is receiving extended sick time pay at half pay, the Dean’s Office will cover up to an equivalent amount of replacement staffing costs.  If an employee exhausts their extended sick time, the Dean’s Office will discontinue covering the replacement staffing costs and the employing unit will be responsible for any ongoing costs if that unit chooses to continue employing a replacement staff member.  The Dean’s Office does not cover costs associated with vacation pay.

The intent of this policy is to provide units with assistance in severe situations where the workload associated with an absent staff member necessitates the hiring of a temporary replacement.  Units are not able to use the Dean’s Office funds to cover costs outside of those associated with a hiring temporary replacement.  For example, the funds cannot be used to pay overtime or any additional pay for other, regular employees.  If a department is able to cover an absent staff member’s workload by leveraging existing staff, the need for replacement staff fails to meet the intent behind this policy.  Contact LSA HR at or 615-0587 if you need additional information.


  1. Work Connections advises an LSA unit that its staff member satisfies the requirements for receiving extended sick time pay.
  2. The LSA unit seeks a temporary replacement staff member by contacting Outreach Staffing Services, UM Temporary Staffing Services, or a University-preferred, external, temporary staffing vendor.
  3. The LSA unit contacts LSA HR to receive the appropriate shortcode for billing purposes and, more importantly, to provide LSA HR with the name of the temporary employee in order to facilitate reconciliation of the costs associated with this program
  4. The LSA unit is responsible for completing temporary employment paperwork and for accurately completing timesheets.
  5. When the temporary employee completes their assignment, the LSA unit is responsible for completing paperwork to terminate the temporary appointment.