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Transaction Information Checklists

eRecruit Job Posting (Staff and Non-Student Temps)

 - Publically posted or non-posted?

 - Job code or job title

 - # of openings (if more than one)

 - New position or replacement (& whom if replacement)

 - Number of hours/week

 - Salary/Hourly pay range

 - Job details – Job Summary, Responsibilities, Required qualifications, etc. This is what will    post to

 - Duration of posting or start & end date of posting

 - Additional hiring team members (must have eRecruit access)


eRecruit Job Offer (Staff and Non-Student Temps)

 - Name of person to be hired

 - Appointment begin date

 - Appointment end date (if appl.)

 - Supervisor id or uniqname

 - Hourly rate/salary

 - Shortcode(s)

 - UM address & phone number

 - List of candidates interviewed – HR TT will disposition candidates

 - Signed contingent offer letter from dept - will be uploaded to job posting

 - Summary of interview notes - will be uploaded to job posting


New Temporary Student Hire

 - Student Name

 - Student ID or uniqname

 - Date of Hire

 - Department

 - Supervisor ID or uniqname

 - Work-study - Yes or No

   If work study yes, then
   provide SEO Job ID

- SEO Job ID (if appl.)

 - Job Code or Job Title

 - Hourly rate

 - Shortcode(s)


Additional Pay

 - Employee's Name

 - Employee ID or uniqname

 - Date(s) of service

 - Recurring or one time payment?

 - If recurring, duration of payment

 - Amount to pay

 - Shortcode(s)

 - Brief description of work performed


DBE Change (Shortcode Change)

 - Employee's Name

 - Employee ID or uniqname

 - Effective date of change

 - Description of change to be made - New shortcode(s), distribution, dates, etc.

 - Reason



 - Employee's Name

 - Employee ID or uniqname

 - Last day worked

 - Reason (see below)

 - Eligible for rehire?  If no, need to consult with Senior HR rep.

 - Copy of resignation letter (if appl.)


Possible Reasons for Termination:

  • Another Position Elsewhere
  • Appointment Completed
  • Appointment Ended
  • Appointment not Renewed
  • Career Opportunity
  • Deceased
  • Declined Appointment
  • Discharged
  • Dissatisfied with Salary
  • End of Recall Rights
  • Expectations not met
  • Family Responsibility
  • Funds Exhausted
  • Future Plans Unknown
  • No Return from a Leave
  • Post Retirement Appointment
  • Probationary Period Discharge
  • Quit without Notice
  • Relocation
  • Returning to School
  • Schooling Completed
  • Suitable Job Declined
  • Transportation Difficulty
  • Work Schedule