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LEO-GEO Substitution Pay


1. Click on the supplied link for “LEO-GEO Substitution Pay”. A new window will be opened with
a blank form.
2. Complete the required fields for the transaction. For LEO-GEO Substitution Pay the required
fields are:
        a. Department
        b. Employee Name
        c. Employee unique name or employee ID#
        d. Earnings Code
        e. Dates Worked
        f. Total Hours Worked
        g. Course Number
        h. Shortcode
        i. Reason for substitution
        j. Effective Date of Payment
3. Complete optional fields if necessary:
        a. Comments
4. Supporting documentation can be uploaded.
        a. Click on the link to upload documentation, another window is opened.
        b. Fill in your name
        c. Click on “Choose File”
        d. Select the file to be uploaded, only one file can be uploaded so multiple files will need
to be merged into one document.
        e. Click on “Open”
        f. Click on “Upload File”, a message is received on the screen when the upload is
        g. Close out the screen and return to the original Google form.
5. If attaching documentation, click on “Yes”. If no documentation is being attached, then
select, “No”.
6. If you would like a copy of the form responses, check the box “Send me a copy of my
responses”. You will receive an email with a copy of the form and your selections.
7. Click on “Submit”.

LSA HR Transaction Team

1. The request is received in the LSA HR Transaction Team email box –
2. The designated HR Assistant reviews the request. If it is indicated that additional
documentation was uploaded, they will access the documents within a special access Google
3. The HR Assistant completes the transaction according to established LSA processes.