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HR Resources (links)

Academic & Staff HR *
University HR services offered to academic and non-instructional staff

Benefits Office (direct link to U-M Benefits Office) *
U-M Benefits website designed to informed on benefit services

Lending Library

HR-related books available for staff thru LSA HR

Information and Technology Services *
MAIS which is now called Information and Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the campus administrative computer systems, infrastructure, and security.

On-Line Access Request System

Grievance Procedures and Dispute Resolution - SPG #201.8

This document pertains to the grievance and dispute procedure for non-instructional staff

Staff Handbook (U-M) *

U-M Staff Handbook offers guided instructions on staff related concerns

University Events Page *
U-M events schedule for central campus

SPG Policies
Standard Practice Guide policies for staff

Payroll Office *
This site contains information on payroll processing, time sheet deadlines and cutoffs