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LSA Performance Rating Guidelines

Expectations Not Met

Needs Improvement

Meets Expectations

Exceeds Expectations

Performance was well below expected levels in almost all key areas of responsibility.

Completely performs in most key areas of responsibility.

Competently performs across key areas of responsibility.

Quality of work consistently exceeds objectives in majority of key areas of responsibility.

Required close, ongoing guidance and direction in order to perform job responsibilities.  Received prior, documented counseling regarding urgent need to improve.

Generally good but inconsistent performance or results with respect to some job requirements or expectations.

May be an individual new to a role or position who is adequately performing given their short tenure and reasonable on-the-job development.

Consistently added significant and demonstrable value beyond assigned key areas of responsibility.  Exceptional, high quality work.

Performance may have impeded work of others in or outside the college.

Significant though generally not severe gaps in employee’s performance vs. expectations in work plan.

While minor deviations may occur, solid, effective, reliable, competent performer.

Regularly identifies and provides unique, innovative, and workable solutions to challenges.

Unsuccessful in key area or areas of responsibility that comprise a significant portion of job responsibilities.

Inconsistent performance of essential job responsibilities.

Satisfactory overall quality of work.  Completes job responsibilities as expected.

Notable, visible, and excellent contributions widely recognized in department, college, and/or university.

Immediate and sustained action to improve performance will be required.

Intermittently required more direct supervisory intervention or assistance in fulfilling performance objectives.

May exceed expectations in some areas.

Produces high impact results beyond own role and team.  Often sought out for counsel and advice.