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Guiding Principle Progression




Potentially a new employee starting to learn about a guiding principle.

Employee successfully demonstrates knowledge, skills, or abilities related to a given guiding principle.

Positive and active role model or resource to colleagues with respect to a guiding principle.

Existing employee with little to no demonstrated prior experience with a guiding principle.

Suitable level of proficiency with a given guiding principle between developing/acquiring and advance/expert

Recognized subject matter expert on a given guiding principle.  Consulted on complex issues.

Existing employee refreshing their knowledge, skills, or abilities related to a guiding principle.

Applies guiding principles to performance of job responsibilities and related decisions.

Capable of helping or training other employees with less experience develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Opportunities for development related to a guiding principle.

Sufficient competence with a given guiding principle such that only occasional supervisory guidance may occur.

Possesses in-depth knowledge related to guiding principle.

Possesses a basic understanding of guiding principle.

May assist with development of colleagues who are in the developing/acquiring level.

Requires little to no guidance on guiding principle.