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LSA Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship


The Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (RCRS) is part of the America Competes Act and requires that any student or postdoctoral fellow receive training on the responsible conduct of research and scholarship if they are funded on research, training grants, or federally-funded fellowships.

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) decided to meet the RCRS requirement by folding the training into an academic course along with other discipline-specific research topics. This approach allows us to leverage university systems already in place, namely Wolverine Access, to help organize training by offering courses using our University Course division (designated with a "UC" prefix), in addition to department-specific courses. Using a course approach instead of stand-alone workshops or other training methods allows students to sign up for the course in a way that is already familiar to them and makes for less record-keeping work by staff in departments. Students must be re-trained at every level of educational training: undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellow. Courses cover the key areas of responsible conduct of research, including avoiding plagiarism, ownership of data, authorship practices, conflicts of interest, and other topics relevant to research and scholarship. Each UC course is one credit and is offered either as a full semester course, or over a half-term. If a student is doing research in another area of the University, they may either take a course in LSA, or they may follow the training developed by the unit where the funding is based. 

For questions about LSA's Responsible Conduct of Research program, please contact Paula Hathaway at

For Additional Information

In CTools, please check for the "LSA Scholarly Integrity" site, where we have added sample course descriptions and syllabi, as well as course materials that can be used in planning the curriculum for RCRS courses. This is a joinable site. Please contact Paula Hathaway ( if you need help joining the site. Also, Rackham has a CTools site that outlines each school or college's plan for meeting the training requirement and other related information. That CTools site name is RCRS@UM.