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LSA Ergonomic Furniture & Equipment Guidelines

Any LSA Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student with appointments are eligible for ergonomic funding through the LSA Facilities and Operations office.  Available funding is based on the following process:

  1. Notify your Supervisor or Chief Administrator 
  2. Go to the U-M OSEH web page/Ergonomics under Prevention Servicescomplete the Ergonomics Services Request Form.
  3. If you are currently under a Physicians care you must have a physicians prescription/referral prior to being scheduled with MHealthy
  4. After your visit with OSEH or MHealthy they will contact LSA Facilities and Operations with any recommendations from your visit.
  5. Further questions feel free to contact LSA Facilities and Operations 734.764.0323 or one of the specialist below.

Medical-MHealthy Clinical Specialist Ergo Consultant Suzanne Bade — 734.763.0852,

Preventative or need based assessment -OSEH Ergo Specialist Sarah Cooney — 734.763.7704,