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LSA Administrative Data Portal *

The LSA Administrative Data Portal allows access to a number of LSA and University resources with a single sign-on. These include the LSA Management Reporting System (MRS), Budget Requests, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the Salary Program, Faculty Effort Reporting, the Gateway to Internal Funding (eGIF), and a number of other systems including Wolverine Access.

Guide to LSA nVision Reports

Summary of Activity by Fund

This report includes beginning balances, revenue, appropriations (general fund only), appropriation transfers (general fund only), expenses and ending balances for all fund areas with activity. Please note that the endowment figures include the principle balance (at book value), not market value (which can be found by running the “Endowment by Deptid” report available in the FinODS). For this quarter, we have moved the endowment balances below the line of departmental totals, thus lessening confusion on the total balances available for expenditure.

General, Gift/Designated/Auxiliary, and Agency Fund Summaries

These reports provides the same information as the Summary of Activity by Fund for each fund area, however they provide more detail by breaking down the activity into individual programs (organized by Instructional, Operational, Research, and Erroneous (which may necessitate initiating correcting journal entries) categories.

Sponsored Funds Summary

This report shows the beginning balance, actual revenue, actual expenditures, and ending balance, for each project grant with activity in the Federal (20000) and Non-Federal (25000) fund areas. The beginning balance on most of the federal projects is $0, due to the letter of credit transactions that occur at the end of each accounting period, crediting the expenses for that period.

Cost Share (CSTSH) Summary

This report is similar to the Sponsored Funds Summary, however it reflects activity in the Cost Sharing program of the general fund. Many units will also see activity with the project/grant reflected as “none.” This indicates that transactions have taken place at the program level, without an associated project/grant. Units will want to designate a project/grant with these transactions via a correcting journal entry.

Plant Fund Group Summary

This report is similar to the Sponsored Funds and Cost Share Summary reports, however the activity is categorized by each fund within the plant fund group (Construction, Departmental Equipment, Maintenance and Equipment Reserve, and Debt Service). Most units will only have activity in the Departmental Equipment fund.

Summary of Endowment Funds

This report lists all of the endowments and quasi-endowment assigned to a specific department id.  It includes:

  • Market Value of the Fund as of July 1, 2000
  • Additional Gifts Made to the Endowment
  • *Income from Investments
  • *Gains and Losses on the Investment
  • Other transfers, which may include reinvestments and/or corrections to gift deposits
  • Distributions, which reflects the funding transferred from the endowment that is available for expenditures
  • Current Quarter Market Value
  • Current Quarter Principle Balance

*Income is generated on the rare occasion when the University’s endowment pool generates excess income to distribute to the expendable fund; gains/losses are generated through trading of shares and/or spending of quasi-endowment balances. Both types should equal the distributions made to the expendable fund.

Fund/Department/Program by Project/Grant

This report shows balances by fund, department, and program, broken down to the project/grant level (and also includes balances that have no associated project/grant. NOTE: you will be prompted to input the specific fund and program three separate times when running the report.