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LSA Funding for Undergraduate Programs and Activities

The College is providing new funds to support undergraduate programs and activities. 

The recognition of undergraduates, through the support of student groups, award ceremonies, honors convocations, graduation receptions, etc., is an important College activity. In recognition of the importance of such activities, the College provides (effective FY11) funds to each department for this purpose. It is the College expectation that all departments and programs will have a ceremony of some sort marking the Spring graduation of their students. If the number of graduates warrants it, graduation ceremonies should also be held at the end of the Summer and Fall terms. Many departments provide modest funds (often a few hundred dollars) to support departmentally-affiliated student groups. Some departments have regular undergraduate award ceremonies, honors convocations, etc. The College endorses such activities, and in particular encourages all departments to develop ways in which they can formally welcome newly declared concentrators to the department.


Annual funding for Undergraduate Activities is provided through the UGPRG Program. For FY11, this funding is a fixed appropriation of $5,000 per department (or program, when an undergraduate concentration is housed in a program rather than a department). In addition, there is a variable appropriation of $50 per concentrator. This appropriation is based on the number of students who graduated two fiscal years prior (for example: FY11 budget calculation is based on the number of graduates listed in the KPI data for FY09 unless otherwise noted). If students have dual concentrations, each department will receive the $50 per graduate funding. In general, these funds should be expended in the year that they are appropriated and do not carry forward. Departments that have questions about the use of these funds or who seek suggestions for appropriate activities should consult the LSA Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education