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June 2016 LSA Finance Quarterly Update

June Quarterly Update


in this issue

  • Departmental Invoicing
  • Expense Reports (T&E)Services
  • SSC SOA Error Research and Resolution
  • Financial  & Physical Resources System Upgrade September 2016
  • Additional Fund Transfer Resource
  • Procurement Newsletters
  • University Revises Travel/Business Hosting Policy
  • Hosting Changes
  • Child Travel Reimbursement Policy update
  • Term III Policy Update
  • Faculty Funding Types Info Session


Departmental Invoicing

Please note that any external invoicing needed by LSA units must be routed through the SSC; these are no longer to be mailed/sent directly from the unit to the vendor. By utilizing the SSC for this function, this will remove some of the burden on units to track on these invoices. The SSC will monitor the invoices in which they process allowing them to track on the status of the receivable, thus enabling them to report on these invoices; including providing an aged receivable(s) report. Also, the SSC may follow up on any outstanding invoices which they've processed, rather than we as the department having to do so.

Expense Reports (T & E) Services

The Shared Services Center (SSC) Travel and Expense (T&E) team recently had its 1-year anniversary providing Concur report preparation services on behalf of LSA faculty and staff.  The SSC T&E team continues to make great strides providing high quality services and has been receptive to College feedback on additional improvement opportunities.  
One area the College has identified to help ensure prompt service is to make sure the correct email address is used when requesting service from the SSC.  Please remind faculty and staff to use when requesting T&E related services.  We have heard of several cases of original requests being sent to the customer service group email ( which will result in processing delays. If a faculty/staff member inquires about a delay, confirm the original request was sent to the correct email address. Email notifications that an expense report is ready to be submitted should be received within 3 business days (often sooner).

SSC SOA Error Research and Resolution Process

The SSC SOA Reconciliation Team is available to assist units in resolving transactions discovered while reviewing management reports, researching suspected errors, or investigating charges with a vendor. To request assistance, please email or call the SSC Finance Contact Center (5-2000, option 3) with the transaction information and the issue.

Financial & Physical Resources System Upgrades September 2016
Work on the upgrade is well underway and we are partnering with business process owners and units to ensure a smooth transition.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Overall, the level of system and/or business process change is low, with little or no impact in some areas. You can expect a new look and feel for some transactions, but the majority of your work may not be impacted.

No changes to your individual workstations are needed for this upgrade.

How Can I Prepare for the Upgrade?

Visit the FIN Upgrade website for more information and the latest news. The site will be updated regularly with new information, including key dates (e.g., system outage and transaction cut-off time frames) and training opportunities.

In the coming months, you will receive more information from ITS, including new job aids and status updates.

For Assistance or Questions

Contact the ITS Service Center:

Additional Fund Transfer Resource
To supplement our existing Transfer Account Matrix, Financial Operations has published detailed instructions on proper Transfer Account usage.   
This new resource provides fund-specific information about which accounts to use for each type of funding transfer, including:
     Moving funding for a project or defined activity
     Moving expenses from prior years between chartfields
     Covering overdrafts
     Moving balances to close out projects/chartfields

These instructions are now available at:
You can also continue to access the Transfer Account Matrix at
If you have any questions about the new guide or fund transfers generally, please contact Kandie Little, financial senior manager, at or at

Procurement Newsletters
All Procurement newsletters are saved on their website for your reference.

University Revises Travel/Business Hosting Policy

A revised version of U-M's Travel and Business Hosting policy 507.10-1 was released in December. Among other things, the content was reorganized for easier and faster use by employees.
In addition to being reorganized, the SPG includes:

  • An overview of the PCard program and usage guidance
  • An overview of the Stored Value Card program
  • New guidance on when it's more prudent to rent a car instead of driving a personal vehicle
  • New content providing guidance on how to handle protected health information when submitting expense reports
  • New guidance on hosting meal limits for recruitment activities
  • New guidance on receipt requirements for electronic form of payments, such as PayPal. Read more

Business Class Airfare on Non-Sponsored Funds
There also has been a recent change to ‘SPG 507.10-1 – Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policy’ which affects prior approval requirements related to business class airfare. While prior approval from a University official was previously needed before booking this expense; the following are approved exceptions for first or business class travel on non-federal funds (see SPG 507.10-1; specifically section IV. A.):
Approved exceptions for first or business class travel on non-federal funds include:

  • when a university traveler is accompanying a major donor or dignitary, flying first or business class is allowable when approved by the unit
  • business class is also allowable for flights exceeding eight hours in duration. 

Hosting Changes

While there have been recent changes to the UM Hosting Policy, specifically in terms of recruitment and development situations in terms of business meals; please note that this does NOT impact the College of LSA. The LSA Hosting policy will remain unchanged. If you have any questions or feel there is an exception request needed, please feel free to contact your Business Analyst with any questions.

Update to Child Travel Reimbursement Policy

The LSA Child Travel Expense Policy was recently revised to include reimbursement for approved in-home childcare expenses for children under the age of 6.
Child Travel Expenses, LSA Policy

Term III Policy Update
The primary update relates to the high/low pay caps for Term III teaching compensation and creates one cap for all divisions.  See link attached here.

Faculty Funding Types Info Session
LSA Finance presented an information session about faculty funding types to all business office staff and business analysts in LSA Finance. The session provided an overview of the most common sources from which faculty may receive funding outside of Sponsored Funds, including tips, best practices, and resources to assist in the process. Below are links to  guide and slide presentation for future reference.

LSA Finance: Faculty Funding Type Reference Guide

LSA Finance: Faculty Funding Types Presentation